SCCDC principles

Our Principles

South Cowal Community Development Company began with a clear purpose; the purchase and development of Toward Castle as a community resource. In the wake of the failure of the buy-out, the company has had to refocus energy and attention. We felt that it was important both for ourselves and for other South Cowal residents that we define the principles that shape the ethos and activities of the company. What you see below emerged from a discussion of directors in March 2018.

1. We believe that South Cowal can and should be a healthy community

  • Promoting activities that develop wellbeing/ good mental health
  • Encourage greater neighbourliness and shared lives
  • Promoting activities that foster good physical health
  • Recognising the power of social investment and cashless exchanges
  • Having fun!

2. We believe that South Cowal can and should have a strong local economy

  • Promoting localism
  • Recognising and encouraging local assets and potential
  • Targeting resources for the benefit of all
  • Innovation, being prepared to take calculated risks
  • Make South Cowal a place that young people want to stay in, work in

3. We believe that South Cowal should work towards reducing our impact on the natural environment

  • Encouraging sustainable development
  • Protecting our natural resources
  • Celebrating the beauty of our location

4. We believe that residents of South Cowal can and should decide what happens in South Cowal

  • We will recognise the need to inform local people
  • We will seek to empower local residents wherever possible
  • We will pay close attention to marginalised groups to ensure they are not excluded from participation
  • We will make creative use of tools to aid local participation

5. We believe that SCCDC should operate in a way that is honest, transparent and inclusive

  • We will publish our minutes
  • We will do our best to keep residents informed

6. We believe that SCCDC should work in partnership with other stake holders wherever possible, not in competition.

  • We will not build empires
  • We will recognise the value of partners and stake holders as equally important for local development

7. We believe that office holders/staff in SCCDC should look after one another

  • Sharing workloads
  • Shielding one another from burn-out
  • Promoting a generative and encouraging environment for future work

8. We believe that over the next ten years South Cowal can be transformed for the benefit of all who live here


March 2018